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Runner's Knee Handout

marketing patient education patient handout running gait anlaysis Oct 20, 2023
Runner's Knee

When I first started my cash based running gait analysis clinic I gave presentations at running clubs, running shoe stores, gyms and PT clinics. During those presentations I always provided handouts to my attendees with important takeaways I wanted them to remember. These educational handouts included an explanation of the injury, corrective exercises and the clinical reasoning behind the exercises.

Not only did many of the runners from my presentations come see me for a gait analysis but I was ecstatic with the benefits of these handouts. The runners consistently had less risk for injury during running and had more strength in joint stabilizing musculature. 

Before You Download The Handout

Educational handouts like these one are part of our continuing education course The Essentials of Running Gait Analysis since Runner’s Knee is so common I’ve included a link for download below. 

Pro Tip: If you are planning any community outreach to runners or athletes feel free to use this as a free handout. Make sure to attach your clinic contact information and/or business card so athletes know how to find you!

Download the handout here:


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