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Running Shoe Reference Guide

Have you ever wanted to change a runner's footwear but are unsure of which shoes to prescribe? With so many shoe types, brands and preferences it is hard to know which shoes will help vs hurt runners. Help your runners find the right shoes with the Running Shoe Reference Guide. 

Running Gait Analysis Clinic Equipment Checklist

 A checklist of the equipment needed to start your very own running gait analysis clinic. Pay close attention to the benefits, specifications and brands subcategories. It may surprise you how much of the equipment you already have! 

Runner's Knee Handout

 A free educational handout on Runner's Knee with clinical reasoning and corrective exercises. A great way to help athletes learn about running related injuries and see more runners in clinical practice!

Return To Run Guidelines:
Ankle Sprain

Are you tired of seeing patients struggle to return to running after an ankle sprain? This evidence based comprehensive FREE guide is everything you need to know on how to return patients with ankle sprains to running.

Running Wearables Guide

Are you interested in wearable technology for runners but don't know where to start? I felt the same way and wished I had a reference of how to select an evidence based running wearable. That's why I put together the "Running Wearables Guide".

Inside the guide you will learn:

How running wearables can improve runner outcomes

How to select the right running wearable for your practice

The Top 4 Running Wearables with evidence based pros and cons to each device