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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Justin Jellin earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of the  Pacific and has an undergraduate degree in Sports Sciences. In addition to clinical practice, he is the Program Director of RUNATOMY, a Running Gait  Analysis Clinic at GSPORTS Physical Therapy in San Francisco. He has a  special interest in sports medicine, especially cases that are interdisciplinarily complex.

Dr. Jellin is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Diagnostic Sciences at the University of the Pacific, Dugoni School of Dentistry where he lectures to students, faculty, and staff on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and dental ergonomics. He has published research in the Journal of Dental Education and contributed journal reviews for the Running Special Interest group of the American Physical Therapy Association. Additionally, Dr. Jellin has written courses on Telehealth Rehabilitation and Running Gait Analysis.

He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and helps conduct networking groups for rehabilitation professionals to find non-traditional career opportunities.



I Knew That I Could Do More To Help Runners

I kept getting frustrated I couldn't get my runners to reach their patient goals. To add insult to injury I was getting tons of running related questions that I didn't feel confident answering. As a PT I felt there was more I could do for my runners. 

So I did something about it! I took several continuing education course on running gait analysis thinking that would be the solution to my problem.

But unfortunately they didn't help. After taking my continuing education I felt like I could help my runners a little better but didn't know how to start my own gait analysis clinic or answer the many running related questions I was being asked. 

After hours upon hours of practice, trial and error and frustration I finally felt I could help runners achieve their goals. But I don't want that to be your experience which is why I created "The Essentials Of Running Gait Analysis" CE course. 

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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You're a¬†PT, OT, DC, ATC, MD healthcare provider¬†OR in school to join this field

  • What you learned in doesn't relate to achieving runner's goals

  • You want to¬†get runners results so they can reach their goals¬†but don't know where to start and are consistently getting stuck

  • ¬†You¬†don't know which exercises, gait retraining or footwear benefit runners

  • You¬†are looking for a way to deliver excellent care to patients AND increase your income

  • You're¬†overwhelmed, stuck, worried, going in circles,¬†looking for direction¬†to work with your dream patient population

You're In The Right Place! ūüŹÉ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

Since I started my own running gait analysis clinic, I have personally seen not only an improvement in my patient outcomes but my income, intellectual stimulation and reduction towards burnout. But I commonly hear that many other healthcare providers with the passion and potential to perform a running gait analysis get stuck because:

  • They already working full time and feel like they don't have enough time to start their own program

  • ¬†They feel like they're drowning in information overload and are unsure where to start

  • ¬†They feel like they aren't qualified to independently run a¬†running program (even with a degree, license, and clinical experience)

  • ¬†They're afraid to invest too much upfront in their business, whether it's equipment, software, or¬†education

The Essentials Of Running Gait Analysis CE course (10 CEUs)

A course built by a PT who has been in YOUR shoes to help you improve runners outcomes and increase income.

Our mission is to help you succeed in learning and starting running gait analysis programs.

If you want to help runners achieve their goals beyond traditional PT treatment, you're in the right place.

This program is packed with:

Bite-size training courses

Actionable checklists & reference guides and clinical tool sheets

In-depth tutorials

Access to your instructor to ask questions, review complex cases, support and guide you along every step of the way! ✊

Curious if the course is right for you? Book a time and we can discuss all your questions.

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Learn how to analyze running gait and start your own running gait analysis clinic in as little as 24 hours. Become a running expert and improve patient outcomes, increase revenue and build your brand. All in easy to follow small bite size pieces.


Understand what you need to do to finally be a running expert and get your gait analysis clinic started. Build a wellness program that improves patient outcomes and commit to a plan that will execute a profitable gait analysis clinic. 


No one wants to feel alone when trying to learn something new. Reach out to your instructor at any point during the course and they will personally respond to your questions and work with you to learn the answers. 

Time Saved

Save hours of frustration, stress and get more done in less time. Implement evidence based content, techniques and methods streamlined into easy to digest content. 

Decrease Overwhelm

Apply your knowledge to actionable step by step learning tools, checklists, guides, and references. Get the support you need to improve patient lives and grow professionally.

Increased Confidence

Follow many other clinicians' path in becoming a running expert and finally wield the confidence to not only perform a running gait analysis but start your own clinic.  

What's Included In The Course? What Do I Learn? How Does It Help Me?

Opportunities with running gait analysis

Module 1: Opportunities With Running Gait Analysis

Investigate the demand for running gait analysis

Identify common running injuries

Identify equipment needed for a running gait analysis 

Examine the improvements in patient outcomes from a running gait analysis

Module 2: How To Perform A Running Gait Analysis

Define Gait Analysis

Identify the phases of walking gait

Examine how to collect running gait analysis data

Identify the clinical implications of running gait analysis deviations


Module 3: Apply Your Analysis, Address Running Gait Deviations

Identify evidence based techniques to improve running gait

Examine footwear and insole choices for different types of runners

Identify and examine common running gait analysis deviations

Identify and examine treatment options for running gait analysis deviations

Explore the components of running gait analysis reports and documentation

Module 4: How To Start Your Running Gait Analysis Clinic

Identify equipment for a running gait analysis

Identify patient intake forms needed for a running gait analysis

Examine patient management models for effective patient care during a running gait analysis 

Establish patient inclusion criteria for running gait analysis

Identify opportunities and methods for patient education on the benefits of running gait analysis

Ready? Become A Running Expert Today

Do you want to work with runners and help them reach their goals? All you need to do is take this CE course to start on your journey to becoming a running expert.

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The Essentials Of Running Gait Analysis

In this 4 module course learn how to analyze running gait, apply your running gait analysis to a patient plan of care and start your own gait analysis clinic. 

Gait Analysis Case Studies

Practice analyzing walking and running gait with case studies. Utilize the Running Gait Analysis Findings Template to systematically approach both walking and running gait analysis. Compare your analysis to the instructor's findings and treatment approach.

Ready To Use Forms and Resources

From helpful infographics to charts and graphs The Essentials Of Running Gait Analysis provides forms and resources to assist you in analyzing running gait and start your own gait analysis clinic. Downloadable PDFs include a Running Gait Analysis Findings Template, Medical History Form, Medical Waiver, Running Questionnaire and Sample Gait Analysis Report.

Hands On Support

Email with your instructor to ask questions regarding content, case studies and treatment approaches. Access additional support from faculty and the community of fellow course attendees as you start your own gait analysis clinic. 

"I appreciated the practical information I could easily implement into my practice. Before I knew it I was ready to start my own running gait analysis clinic!"

Morgan Fry, PT, DPT, NCS
Vestibular Rehab

"The flow of the course was really easy to follow with bite sized modules that were engaging and easy to understand. Additionally, the practice case studies were helpful to reinforce the content."

Ryoto Nagaoka, PT, DPT
Inpatient Rehab

"This course gives a good introduction into running gait analysis, additionally the template is very helpful when going through each part of the presentation.

Eliza Downs, PT, DPT
Outpatient Ortho


Self-Paced Program

‚úĒ The Essentials Of Running Gait Analysis takes you from the fundamentals¬†of learning to perform a running gait analysis to starting your own gait analysis clinic (valued at $500)

‚úĒ¬†¬†Library with bite-size training courses, actionable checklists &¬†templates (valued at $100)

‚úĒ In-depth tutorials & walkthroughs (valued at $200)

‚úĒ All of the forms, templates and logistical paperwork needed to start seeing runners immediately and start your own gait analysis clinic (valued at $150)

‚úĒ Lifetime access to course material

Only $399 (Inquire for Practice and Student Pricing) 
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Ready? Become A Running Expert Today

Do you want to work with runners and help them reach their goals? All you need to do is take this CE course to start on your journey to becoming a running expert.

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