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The Top 3 Running Gait Analysis Apps

A gait analysis application or software is essential to every running expert. While some practitioners may perform a real-time analysis, there are many benefits to analyzing running in slow motion. A good gait analysis app should seamlessly integrate features such as drawing tools, video sharing, and practitioner comments. Running experts new to the space may prefer to start by using the built-in slow-motion feature found on a smartphone/tablet. However, it is highly recommended to use a gait analysis app that provides storage of running videos and allows the clinician to perform a more in depth analysis. Here are the top 3 running gait analysis apps. DISCLAIMER: CElutions Education is not endorsed, sponsored or promoting any of these applications, this is purely for educational purposes.

Justin is an outpatient PT who started his own running gait analysis clinic. He has faculty appointments at University of the Pacific and frequently teaches at UC San Francisco's PT school. Justin is passionate about combining teaching and gait analysis to help other PTs start their own running gait analysis clinics.

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The Top Three Running Gait Analysis Apps


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