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Interview with Matt Klein, PT, DPT, PhD (c), OCS, GCS, FAAOMPT: The Secret To Running Over 70

We sat down with Matt Klein to discuss his path to becoming a running expert. Matt started his journey as a PT patient, was inspired to become a PT and upon graduating did resedencies in orthopedics and geriatrics followed by a fellowship in manual therapy. During his time in PT school Matt started Doctors Of Running, which is an educational website discussing the art and science behind what people put on their feet. Currently, Matt is a faculty member at West Coast University in Southern California and is pursuing his PhD.

During this podcast Matt discusses the evaluation treatment of masters runners over the age of 50. This includes his approach to a subjective and objective exam, running gait analysis and treatment approach. One of the clinical pearls Matt discusses is his exercise prescription for master's runners.

In this episode Matt also discusses how to recommend footwear to runners. One of the points he makes during our conversation is that each running expert must evaluate the runner and correlate attributes such as anatomical make up, biomechanics and gait analysis to the appropriate shoe for each runner. Matt draws from his vast experience as a running expert to discuss which shoes correlate to specific injuries.

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To get involved with Matt's PhD research make sure to reach out to him via email as he is still looking for participants for his study.