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How Patients Should Start Running After Injury

For many patients their goal during rehab is to return to running. While some patients don’t have successful recoveries and are unable to run, others simply don’t try to run again. Unfortunately there are many reasons why patients don’t start running again. You will commonly hear patients report they don’t want to chance reinjury or are unable to find the time to run. But as running experts it’s our job to help as many patients as possible successfully run again. Part of helping patients return to their prior level of function is to guide them in a return to run program. Here are some guidelines to help patients start running again.


Justin is an outpatient PT who started his own running gait analysis clinic. He has faculty appointments at University of the Pacific and frequently teaches at UC San Francisco's PT school. Justin is passionate about combining teaching and gait analysis to help other PTs start their own running gait analysis clinics.

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How Patients Should Start Running After Injury


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