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What I Learned From Impostor Syndrome

I like to think I’m a pretty confident person but I found myself feeling insecure due to Impostor Syndrome when I started analyzing runner’s gait. I couldn’t help but think to myself that I wouldn’t be able to find the accurate gait deviations, provide appropriate recommendations to fix their pain and running form or worst of all that the runner would know more about their running form than I did. In this episode we are discussing Impostor Syndrome and how to overcome feelings of insecurity when initially providing gait analyses.


Justin is an outpatient PT who started his own running gait analysis clinic. He has faculty appointments at University of the Pacific and frequently teaches at UC San Francisco's PT school. Justin is passionate about combining teaching and gait analysis to help other PTs start their own running gait analysis clinics.

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What I Learned From Impostor Syndrome

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