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The Perfect Running Form Exposed

When I started running I was told by my coach that I needed to run with perfect form. Specifically, running with my feet landing forefoot, leaning forward over my toes, at 180 steps per minute and acting as if I were falling forward while I ran. After multiple injuries, a myriad of running patients and in depth research I can tell you there IS NOT a perfect running form. However, there IS a perfect running form for a specific runner’s anatomical make up and injury predisposition. These week's episode is about the perfect running form and how to apply a running gait analysis to find the perfect form for each patient.



Justin is an outpatient PT who started his own running gait analysis clinic. He has faculty appointments at University of the Pacific and frequently teaches at UC San Francisco's PT school. Justin is passionate about combining teaching and gait analysis to help other PTs start their own running gait analysis clinics.

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The Perfect Running Form Exposed!

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