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How I Started A Running Gait Analysis Clinic in One Day!

 Many of my course attendees will ask me how long it took to start my running gait analysis clinic. They are always shocked when I tell them it only took me a day. Now I want to clarify, the running gait analysis clinic that took me a day to initially set up, continued to grow, evolve and change over the next several weeks, months and years. In fact my running gait analysis clinic continues to adapt as we continually strive to deliver patients and runners the best clinical outcomes. However, as the title implies, it only took me a day to set up my running gait analysis clinic. Here is how I did it. 


Justin is an outpatient PT who started his own running gait analysis clinic. He has faculty appointments at University of the Pacific and frequently teaches at UC San Francisco's PT school. Justin is passionate about combining teaching and gait analysis to help other PTs start their own running gait analysis clinics.

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How I Started A Running Gait Analysis Clinic In One Day!

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