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The Analysis And Treatment Of Runners Webinar: A Multiview Discussion

"The Analysis And Treatment Of Runners Webinar: A Multiview Discussion" was recorded on 5/11/23. During the webinar our panel of multidisciplinary running experts examine and discuss running case studies. The panelists, which include running coaches, clinicians and academic running experts provide their own unique perspectives on how to examine and treat each individual runner.

During the webinar we will be exploring:

  • In depth running gait analyses by our panelists
  • How to correlate case studies of common running injuries to the construction of a plan of care
  • The relationship between gait analysis findings and footwear recommendations
  • Therapeutic exercise prescription for runners
  • The impacts of training regiments on running related injuries and gait retraining interventions
  • The latest evidence based research that improves clinical outcomes for runners

Completion of this webinar and survey is eligible for 1 CE credit.